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Zanolli conveyor Pizza Oven 16 inch Belt Synthesis Gas 06/40V


Zanolli Conveyor Pizza Oven 16 inch Belt Synthesis Gas 06/40V  Now fitted with Economy mode

Zanolli Conveyor Pizza Oven 16 inch Belt Synthesis Gas 06/40V  The Economy mode is activated via the control panel and is used to hold the oven temperature while reducing power requirement and therefore energy consumption

  • Zanolli Conveyor Pizza Oven – 16″/40cm Belt Synthesis 06/40V
  • 06/40 has a 40 cm(16″) wide conveyor belt
  • 58 cm(23″) chamber length
  • Excellent oven for shops with a smaller pizza output, but can be stacked three high to increase production without taking up much space in the kitchen.

Customers can buy it in gas or electric power. the electric oven will be supplied single phase as standard, but can be supplied as 3 phase for no extra charge. The gas versions have a 13amp, 3 pin plug to power the control panel.

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Dimensions 1130 × 1030 × 1060 mm


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